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Trenchless Water Lines, Sewer Lines, and Utilities

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Inland Northwest Experts in Trenchless Repair Solutions. 25 Years in Business. Endorsed by Spokane City Water/Sewer Department.

Trenchless Sewer & Water

Kalin Excavation has been installing sewer and water lines for over 30 years and that's why they can offer the best warranties, prices, and technology.

Call today and we will come out to your home for a bid. 

new sewer & Water lines in One day

We can replace and repair most sewer and water lines in one day or less.

Pipe Bursting

The most popular and commonly used trenchless sewer replacement technology. 90% of sewer replacements are pipe bursting.

Sewer Re-LIner

Re-lining is the newest technology to the sewer replacement services. It’s as strong as seamless pipebursting but is only intended to be used when pipe bursting is not an option. 

Directional Drilling

Local governments and municipalities trust Kalin for the right price and the best work when it comes to trenchless water lines and utility installations. Directional drilling requires many years experience to avoid damaging existing in ground utilities.


Every Job Is VERIFIED & Permitted By Spokane City Sewer / Water Dept. 

The city of Spokane sewer/water inspector will inspect and officially permit all work done by Kalin Excavation. Providing you with the documentation and permits showing the premium quality and official approval of your new sewer or water line install. 


Mailing Address

14212 N Market St.

Mead, WA 99021

phone: 509-466-9166

text: 509-992-2600

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